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Medicare Annual Wellness Exam

This relatively new Medicare benefits is available to all eligible Medicare patients -- Traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans.

The Medicare Annual Wellness visit is a preventive wellness visit and not a routine physical examination. Copayment or coinsurance and the Medicare Part B Deductible are waived except for the EKG in the Welcome to Medicare visit.

During this annual appointment, we will go over your health history, your health concerns and consider preventive measures such as screenings and shots.  We will also go over your healthcare directives, such as Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, DNR, and any other questions you may have.

     New beneficiary within 12 months of Medicare Enrollment (Includes a one-time EKG)

     After your first year in Medicare

  • Subsequent Annual Wellness

     Yearly Wellness visit after 11 full months have passed since your previous Annual Wellness Visit